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·My little angel·

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·My little angel·

Mensaje por Himawari el Vie Ene 28, 2011 1:32 pm

Es que Fay/Yuui es mi personaje favorito, no se nota ¿no? Está en inglés porque lo escribí así, pero les traeré la traducción =3

·You are my little angel·

Because I threat you,
but you do not care

Because even when we are in trouble,
you find the best words.

Because even when I know you are sad
you try to mask it.

Because when I take a moment to speak,
you take a second to smile.

·Always apologizing·

And I know
you are not going to talk about it
because when I ask you
you will always smile apologizing.


The birds are free.
They can go wherever they want.
But I am a jailed one
and I am dying little by little
slowly losing the warmth.
I laid completely drained
and slowly close my eyes to the dawn
before saying goodbye
to the world.


A bright, but sad smile
A cheerful, but broken soul.
Big, but silent tears.
A shattered shell.
A dream with haunting memories.
Under the bright sun
and azure sky
I recall my most cherished memory.


For a wonderful day
I woke early this morning
at the silent sound of
raindrops covering the window
A dying star which needs the warmth of a shining sun
A broken heart searching for its lost parts.


Always running
from a sad, horrible past.

Always wishing
the return of his lost hope.

He is always hiding
for everyone
waiting for the one
who will enable the return of his smile.
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